Kumo (Cloud) Data Dumper#

Kumodd is a command line utility for forensic preservation of Google Drive cloud storage. It downloads files and metadata from a specified account in a verifiable forensically sound manner. It requres authorized read-only access and uses public APIs. It verifies the MD5 of each file and it’s metadata. It integrates with timeline analysis tools.

kumodd --download doc
Created (UTC)            Last Modified (UTC)      Remote Path                   Revision   Modified by      Owner            MD5                       
2019-06-24T05:04:47.055Z 2019-06-24T05:41:17.095Z My Drive/Untitled document    3          Johe Doe         Johe Doe         -
2019-05-18T06:16:19.084Z 2019-05-18T06:52:49.972Z My Drive/notes.docx           1          Johe Doe         Johe Doe         1376e9bf5fb781c3e428356b4b9aa21c
2019-05-16T23:34:42.665Z 2019-05-17T22:18:07.705Z My Drive/Letter to John.docx  1          Johe Doe         Johe Doe         4cb0b987cb879d48f56e4fd2cfd57d83
2019-04-12T16:21:48.867Z 2019-04-12T16:21:55.245Z My Drive/Todo List            27         Johe Doe         Johe Doe         -                   


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